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Iao Acupuncture & Spa, Maui
Turbosonic Vibrational Therapy

TurboSonic, a sonic whole body vibration (SWBV) therapy, is an advanced patented technology. It is a high tech form of therapy that allows one to either stand upright or sit on a platform that produces sonic vertical vibrations.

These sonic vibrations are transferred to your body, stimulating absolutely every cell in your body from one’s blood vessels, to your organs and muscles. This technique of whole body vertical vibration prompts the muscles to contract stimulating a dramatic increase in critical blood flow.

Benefits of TurboSonic in 10 Minutes
• Improves blood & lymphatic circulation
• Speeds recovery from surgery and trauma
• Stimulates neurological system
• Stimulates production of human growth hormones
• Increases physical strength, dexterity & endurance
• Increases flexibility, range of motion & mobility
• Reduces joint & ligament stress
• Helps to improve & prevent many joint conditions
• Relieves tension & chronic pain in ankles, knees lower back & neck
• Increases bone density
• Assists in preventing osteoporosis
• Stimulates fast-twitch muscles
• Improves body balance
• Benefits of both anaerobic & aerobic exercise
• Burns up to 290 calories in only 10 minutes
• Relieves menopausal symptoms
• Tightens facial muscles
• Dissolves cellulite

Turbosonic Vibrational Therapy
Turbosonic Vibrational Therapy

10 min:
20 sessions:
10 sessions (** in combination with acupuncture treatments):


* Each treatment needs to be used within 30 days of the last treatment date.

Prices subject to change.



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